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don knapp with more on the dramatic rescue it took a massive effort of hostage negotiators fbi agents boats and planes and u.s. coast guard to bring the alleged parental abduction to a peaceful end. a coast guard cutter pulls up to a dock monterey ending a three day ordeal for two children on board brooklyn and devon or released to their mother the children's father christopher maffei taken into custody and faces charges of parental subduction the child endangerment and kidnapping i'm so relieved when i heard they were found and save i hugged my devon, he comes up to me normally when he's here he sleeps with me, so he got in his regular spot and fell asleep the ordeal began tuesday when the children's father took
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the children from his girlfriend's house and stole a boat from alameda and headed after golden gate and down to monterey the coast guard track the boat when it headed away from monterey the coast guard went into action because of the terrain there is no place to get fuel or anchor but it was nighttime with two small children on board that wanted to ensure the safety of them the cutter approach the boat with the father and two children on board mr. maffei allowed the coast guard to board the boat and he was taken into custody to grandmother that looked a bit rough their hair was all matted they hadn't taken a bath or shampoo, otherwise he is fine he was normally happy but thinner, i thought he was thinner, maybe
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he had much food on the boat and then he was drinking water like crazy the only person who suffered physical injuries was grandmother when she tried to stop christopher maffei from taking the kids i'd tripped and i cut myself a damage myself but i'm feeling a hearing is scheduled for monday to change or reduce the charges against the children's father a mother is dead and daughter in hospital they were both hit by a speeding truck on a walnut creek side walk. the collision happened at 630 in front of the marriott on north main street witnesses say the pickup truck ran into a family of for the impact knocked the mother and daughter several feet into the air no word on the daughter's condition. this crash reminiscent of
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another in contra costa county the teenager accused of hitting and killing a father and daughter right in their bikes in concord in april expected to change his plea. he is expected to plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter charges. the u.s. open women's tennis final push back to tomorrow because a tornado in a new york city. elaine quijano has the video. new yorkers are used to seeing a lot of things but not this. a tornado hit the beach front community of breezy point 15 mi. southeast of man and, it's not power lines and caused damage authorities said no injuries but the storm rattle people like kay lynn walsh looking working at the beachfront was saw this huge twister coming at us and the manager
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said run we went into the kidding room which is concrete we were emotional. the severe weather part of the same system the move through the midwest killing four people three of those factums a girl and grandparents died in northeast oklahoma. after the storm blew the mobile home off its foundation authorities say there was little warning. no time for anybody to do anything it came in way too fast the line of storms stretches from southeastern canada, knocking down trees and power lines in new york of the u.s. open tournament heavy rain is and strong winds delayed play late this afternoon officials to evacuate to the stadium suspending matches until tomorrow. you can watch the u.s. open women's final on cbs 5 starting
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it one-thirty tomorrow afternoon. obama campaign trailed republican vice-presidential nominee paul ryan left the bay area with cash after a morning fund-raiser former 49er bret jones host to the a van at its danville home. he was taking photos with guests who donated $10,000 to his campaign. he's great and very friendly to everybody does not put on airs, he was like the common person it energize the base and he's the guy who can appeal to the reagan democrats as well as independence. bryant then headed to google's bound you headquarters to host a video chat with campaign volunteers. he explained federal welfare programs need to be reformed. doing it now we can't prevent a debt crisis like in
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europe if we stick with the same plan which is what president obama promises we get the same results. we have a narrow opportunity to make that happen. ryan @ canada and of a fund raiser in fresno tonight. far from the california moneymaking machine both obama and mitt romney courted voters on the east coast. how the candidates kicked off the post convention bloods mitt romney handed out hot dogs to voters in virginia where he is deadlocked with president obama, earlier he used the backdrop at a military museum to focus on looming defense cuts. a kind of jobs lost in virginia between 100 and 200,000. i will maintain our military commitment. he also took aim at the jobs
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report saying the president does not have what it takes to turn the economy around. he has no plan and no ideas. president obama greeted voters on his best for through florida speaking to a crowd in seminole, the president challenged the republican clamed the country headed down hill. when opponents say the country is in decline they are dead wrong. this is america. the president positions himself as champion of the middle-class. the bargain that says if you were carted will pay off, the bargain that says responsibility it will be rewarded, and everybody has a fair shot. tv ads campaign are expected to intensify if your than 10 percent of voters are undecided in the closest presidential campaign in recent history.
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a big a van in east bay shell casings the bay area's african-american community at the black expo with the marriott hotel in oakland draws hundreds the expo provided health and welfare's along with music and food the main focus was jobs. there was a job showcasing and a resource center for some small business. the event continues tomorrow. this tuesday march the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and museum is meant to remember the victims remains unfinished anthony mason shows us why the project is delayed. everyday people lined up to see the memorial for and a half million visitors in the past year the come to see the pools were the twin towers once stood to touch the names of victims, which they cannot visit is the
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ninth/11 museum. the place where the story will be told. once it is built visitors will see the faces behind the names their personal mementos and relics of the tragic day. museum curator general mayoress organizes 40,000 artifacts this is herself on andrea have an and was visiting new york on business trips she was on the 93rd floor of the trade center unable to call her parents or fiancee. or to get out. keys to her new apartment her car, and her eyeglasses the museum also plans to display the observations of astronaut frank culbertson orbiting earth in the international space station on 9/11.
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the country still looks good new york risher city still looks great from appear on. why has the ribbon cutting happen? an ongoing dispute with the construction manager we are working to resolve construction manager the port authority of new york and new jersey a government agency spending billions to rebuild the side with a train station and tallest office tower in western hemisphere. the agency is concerned about the finances of the museum and the moral foundation. do we have the money to finish where we are and a plan in place to insure the museum can be sustainable financially. officials say they can handle the $60 million annual budget just as they raised $450 million to build the memorial
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and museum. 911 family members whose wife catherine died it is shameful the museum not open. the vast majority i have spoken to are disgusted disappointed and disgusted. only a few 911 artifacts are on public view and a visitor center. no one will say when the museum will be completed. anthony mason cbs news. it makes me nervous to park shoppers nervous and quiet financial and their blood the rash of burglaries were valuables are vulnerable and your car in southern california donkeys are roaming the streets and animal control does not step in to protect them. in the bay area this is supposed to be the warmest time of the air but not working out that why things are cooling off and changes ahead.
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,,,, pitches of the department cs
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and palo alto and it is inside and attract them lisa washington on while locking your car and hiding along in its been not be enough. today's 17 vehicle burglaries' palo alto police want to know who was responsible for stealing personal items from inside vehicles wednesday and thursday. you want to make sure your vehicle is say the burglaries' in downtown
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parking lots and at the stanford shopping center these broke into six vehicles in 10 minutes. makes me nervous to park and have my stuff in my car i keep shopping usually but i will not be doing that anymore the suspects break a window and take the items in view or pulled the trunk release level and take the items inside the trunk they should post signs to make sure people are prudent with what they do some shoppers say keeping your doors locked and windows up no longer good enough if they want in they will find a wet weather smashing the windows we need to be smarter and i hours of police believe the burglaries are related to the suspect did not target any
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particular vehicle or makes or models. lisa washington cbs bought an intruder armed pair of scissors tried to break and home of singer miley siders. these suspect showed up to her studio city home thursday morning these celebrity was not home according to officers in started lighting candles and told employees a former disney star his wife and kept in touch on mind. he was found hiding in the bushes. was that we would tazed and again to comply and he did so he became compliant and walk uphill and we took him in custody. mile is cyruses not commented on does is it on keys on a war of traffic was great a traffic jam in southern california counties said started coming down to this highway in riverside county the animals are friendly. there have been accidents county
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officials and animal control said the cannot do much it is not their responsibility. the donkeys are hungry and thirsty. they started out with 1 bar. and we came out with two more barrels and the donkeys walk over here as china's been put up to remind drivers to share the road. they are cute numbers in the bay area have you noticed it is chilly this time of year 10 degrees below average it is hard to imagine in 1904 san francisco got up to 101 degrees. right now concord at 60 oakland 57, san jose 59, on average 3 to
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8 degrees cooler. we have a warmer weekend had we have to struggle through the numbers sunday. if you're hoping for the u.s. open today, flushing meadows really got washed out with a big line of showers and thundershowers, that should move off shore by tomorrow and get their rounds in. in the meantime low clouds return that means temperatures in the mid 50s and early going, sunny later for the bay and inland. numbers remain on the chilly side. low pressure off the pacific northwest keeps things mild, that will be in full force for 36 hours than high pressure builds and we get an off shore flow that will bring members up a little bit, that is why september and october the warmest months of the year.
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we have low clouds will move back in tomorrow night and mostly sunny skies for tomorrow. overnight tonight temperatures in the '50s chilly at santa rosa, 56 degrees at livermore. the highs tomorrow, in the south bay numbers in the upper seventies and low 80's. morgan hill 82. 63 half moon bay. by antioch 82, 77 at napa, 78 vallejo, winds out of the northwest petaluma hit 78 degrees. 78 at sonoma. we cool it down for tomorrow, but then numbers will warm back up to the '90s inland by thursday, they come out 2 mid-
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seventies for the bay. numbers mostly in the '60s. things will get warm again but tomorrow on the chill is side. something for everyone. a tough year for the susan g. colman organization a lot to raise money for breast cancer research draws hundreds the walk started yesterday and the goal to walk 60 mi. around the bay area in three days. participation down 20% from last year. that is after the group and its funding for planned parenthood. 1200 people walked the streets this weekend. the reason by the susan g. coleman foundation save my friend's life. we concentrate on the big picture the law ken's at the ferry building in san francisco. the world's best sumo wrestler comes to the bay area and get
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then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. this is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with special perks on united. get it and you're in.
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san franciscans treated to a super sized this battle in japan downed a quartet of sumo wrestlers participated in a series of exhibition matches. the goal to help teach children about the sport and its 2000 year-old tradition. the wrestlers one up against competitors. a pleasure having the kids come against us get is an experience of a lifetime for them to get in the ring with a sumo wrestler a fantastic and so exciting to see this. the wrestlers prepare for the upcoming u.s. sumo open in las angeles and world championships in hong kong. a suite festival in san francisco that was all about chocolate if you missed that no
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need to be better. it continues tomorrow the chocolate festival put on bite your deli chocolate company today as special lesson and that was followed by tasting. this is gear deli drinking chocolate. it is excellent and rich. you cannot go wrong. a great day it is celebrating its 160 of anniversary and continues tomorrow. an update on a big-time boxing get up in oakland will break down local college football a's and giants. a lot of people name their cars. mine should be sporty.
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maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work, to school... no, no, i'm a cool car. so i always fill up with chevron with techron. oh. well in that case, yeah, i am cool, after all. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. actually, turtle's not bad.
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oakland's andre ward stop
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the light heavyweight champion jack dawson and oracle arena and defining moment for the hon beaten super middleweight king. stanford football leagues do it in the third quarter. were in parkway cow and southern utah. hail mary time. brad starts and goes out of the ball kept lands in hands of the receiver. cal led 20-10 at the break. he must a punt picks up and he will begone. 69 yd touchdown. the bears scored 30 in the last quarter, they went 50-31. giants and dodgers, a wild pitch that scores around, the game tied at 2. he will double into the gap
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scores a green tinge dallas for winning run dodgers win 3-2 a's and mariners, a home run the a's
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